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Guidelines for Personal conduct while training at Aikido of Mariposa

Proper observance of etiquette is as much a part of your Martial Arts training as is learning techniques. Please take the following guidelines seriously.

• Arrive on-time.  Be fully dressed in your uniform and ready to bow-in at to official starting time of the class.
• Make sure you have a clean uniform; Don't be offensive (smelly; BJJ students take special note). Keep your fingernails & toenails trimmed short so you won't injure yourself or others.
• Be polite, courteous and helpful to others.
• Treat the Dojo the same way you treat your own house (or your mother's). Resist the temptation to lean on the walls or to touch the mirrors. Help keep the Dojo clean.
• Remove your shoes and place them on the shoe rack located on the dojo porch.  During inclement weather its OK to remove you shoes inside the dojo entry area; just stay on the floor mats.
• Shoes are not allowed on the mat.  You may wear socks or tabi.
• Do not use offensive language.
• It is each member's responsibility to get their dues in on-time without being asked.
• Train hard. Smile


The path to mastering any skill is through regular and consistent practice.

Remember, a tense mind = a tense body.