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New Aikido Student Guide

The first few weeks are often a confusing period for the new student. Don’t worry this is normal. My advice is just to come to as many class sessions as you can. Follow along with the class and feel free to ask questions. Soon you will feel more and more comfortable and “At Home“.

 If you are going to miss class please call or email so your teacher can adjust the training plan accordingly. 

For the older student some things  may look physically intimidating when you first start your training.  It's absolutely OK to only do the things you are comfortable doing.  Just slowly ease your way into your training. It is not a competition.

As with all things we do in life, the more you put into your martial arts training the more you will get out of it.

You don’t have to be the best; you just have to be serious about your training.

Japanese terms heard in class

Seiza - To sit on the mat in a kneeling position.

Rei - Bow

Shomen ni rei - Bow to the front of the dojo.

Sensei ni rei - Bow to the teacher.

Domo arigato gozaimas - Thank you very much.

Oni gashi mas - please join me…..

Migi - Right side.

Hidari - Left side.

Kamae - Stance; posture.

Kihon Dosa - Basic movements exercise (footwork). Consists of six movements done on the right and left sides for a total of twelve movements. These movements are the foundation of our style of Aikido.  Pay close attention to how your teacher moves and try to emulate his movements. Once you learn the basics of the Kihon Dosa you will be able to perform the various aikido techniques in a strong and balanced manner.

Migi Hanmi Kamae - Right foot forward stance.

Hidari Hanmi Kamae - Left foot forward stance.

Shite (sh-tay) - The person performing the technique; the defender.

Uke (oo-kay) - The person receiving the technique from Shite; the attacker.

Ukemi - The art of falling. 

Kihon Dosa Movement Names

Tai No Henko Ichi

Tai No Henko Ni

Hiriki No Yosei Ichi

Hiriki No Yosei Ni

Shumatsu Dosa Ichi

Shumatsu Dosa Ni


Counting to Ten

Ichi -One

Ni - Two

San - Three

Shi - four

Go -Five

Roku - Six

Shichi - Seven

Hachi - eight

Ku - nine

Ju - Ten